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Account management

How do I transfer service online? »

Why do I see my closed account when I sign in to myPSE Account? »

How do I cancel or change a payment that was made online? »

How do I receive or cancel text message alerts on my mobile device? »

How do I verify my meter number? »

Paperless billing

How do I view my past bills online? »

When I print my electronic bill, it appears to show symbols and gibberish rather than my statement. What should I do? »

How do I cancel PSE paperless billing? »

"You are already enrolled in paperless with another paperless billing program." »

Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) and AutoPay

Does PSE offer an automatic payment option? »

How will I know if I am enrolled? »

How do I enroll in, change, or cancel AFT? »

How do I enroll in, change, or cancel AutoPay? »

What are "Optional Features" in the AutoPay option? »

What’s the difference between Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) and AutoPay? »

Why was the payment not withdrawn after I set up AutoPay through PSE Paperless Billing? »

Budget Payment Plan

Plan for predictable bill amounts »

How it works »

Getting started »

Ways to pay

Is there a fee if I pay my bill with a credit card or debit card? »

Can I receive a paper bill and still pay my bill online? »