Your home energy cost guide

We all know that a lot of the stuff in our home uses energy — energy that we pay for. But exactly how much energy is each appliance or piece of equipment using and how much is it costing us? Although everyone's energy use is unique, here are some average numbers to give you an idea.

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1 Costs are based on average PSE residential rates for electric service ($.088594 per kWh [first 600 kWh] and $0.107172 [remaining kWh]) and natural gas service ($.97449 per therm) as of February 2013. Rates are based on usage of 1,000 kWh per month and 68 therms per month. These rates do not include the basic monthly charge.

2 Electronics like TVs, DVD players and game consoles can consume power even when not in use. Plug these items into a power strip that you can switch off when not in use to prevent standby energy use.

3 Source for water heater usage: U.S. Department of Energy.

Get specifics

There are a number of online resources that can give you a more accurate picture of energy costs and savings tips based on your unique usage patterns. Check out: