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LED and CFL bulb FAQs

Look below for more detailed information about energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® qualified LED and CFL bulbs.

LED bulb FAQ

What types of ENERGY STAR qualified LED lighting are there? »

Are LED lighting products dimmable? »

Do LED lights create heat? »

What colors of light are available for ENERGY STAR qualified LED bulbs? »

CFL bulb FAQ

Why should I use CFL bulbs? »

Should I turn my CFL bulbs on and off frequently? »

Can I use a CFL bulb with an electronic control such as an electronic timer, photo sensor, motion sensors, dimmer switches or three-way switches? »

Can I use my CFL bulb in a totally enclosed fixture? »

Can I use my CFL bulb in applications involving vibration like ceiling fans or garage door openers? »

Why else might my CFL bulb be burning out early? »