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Instant discounts on water-saving products

Save up to $10 on showerheads, faucets and aerators

Heating water is the second-highest use of energy in your home. By installing an efficient showerhead, faucet or faucet aerator, you’ll use less water and save more on your energy bill. Get an instant discount of up to $10 on select WaterSense® products from shopPSE or participating retailers.

What you get

With PSE's water-savings offers and instant discounts, you can receive:

Product type Instant discount
WaterSense showerhead Free select basic models available only from shopPSE, or up to $10 off at participating retailers
WaterSense faucet Up to $10 off at participating retailers
WaterSense faucet aerator Up to $2 off at participating retailers

Limit of one (1) free basic showerhead with an option for up to one (1) additional discounted showerhead from ShopPSE. Limit of two (2) discounted showerheads and limit of four (4) discounted faucets/aerators per household from either ShopPSE or participating retailers.

Instant discounts are immediately applied, so there's no need to submit additional paperwork or wait for reimbursement.

At retail stores, look for the PSE logo to verify that an instant discount is available for your item(s):

PSE discount tagsPSE discount tags 

How to qualify

To be eligible for PSE's showerhead offers and instant discounts:

  • You must be a current PSE residential electric or natural gas customer.
  • You must use electricity or natural gas from PSE as the primary source of your home's water heating.

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