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Air-source heat pump rebate

For electric customers

Receive an $800 rebate from PSE when you upgrade to a qualifying energy-efficient air-source heat pump.

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Air-source heat pump facts

Airsource heat pump Airsource heat pump 

An air-source heat pump is a high-efficiency heating and cooling system that can deliver between one-and-a-half and three times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it uses.

A less-efficient panel of electric coils kicks in to provide additional indoor heating when outdoor temperatures fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's generally not a preferred system for regions with sub-freezing winter temperatures.

You should know

The installation of a heat pump or air conditioner can sometimes cause a fluctuation in the power supply when your equipment starts. This may result in a visible flicker of the lighting in your home or your neighbors' homes.

To ensure that your heat pump installation does not have a negative effect on power quality, it's important to discuss this issue with your contractor. For additional assistance, call a PSE Customer Construction Services specialist at 1-888-321-7779.