Renewable Calculator

The calculator will help you estimate your costs and learn about the environmental impact of your renewable power choices.* By inputting your monthly electricity use from your utility bill, you can calculate the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) you could offset through participation in the Green Power program as a residential customer.

Step 1: Enter your electric profile

Please enter your average monthly bill or average monthly usage.
Your average monthly bill should be at least $8.00.

Step 2: Make your renewable energy choice

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Solar Choice Participation

*SOURCE DATA: Emissions reduction estimates are based on the difference between the PSE Green Power mix and NWPP region Year 2012 Emissions and Generation Integrated Database (eGRID) data. See Equivalencies are based on methodology outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency at

DISCLAIMER: The estimated additional cost per month is for illustrative purposes only and PSE cannot guarantee the accuracy of the estimated cost. If you participate in PSE’s 100% Green Power program, your additional monthly cost will vary based on your actual electric usage. The estimated additional cost per month does not include other fees such as local utility user taxes, certain other taxes, surcharges, and fees. Prices shown are effective September 23, 2016 and are subject to change. Any pricing changes will be updated upon WUTC approval. See electric rate schedule 135 for complete Green Power rate details. Current monthly bill and kWh calculations are based on residential customers served by electric rate schedule 7.