Promoting PSE's Green Power Program through a not-for-profit community association or favorite school's PTSA is great way to raise money while helping preserve our environment at the same time. The Green Power team is happy to assist you in reaching your fundraising goal. We will provide you with educational information on clean, green energy, enrollment cards where your association can be designated, promotional materials, reporting, and marketing support throughout your fundraiser. Our program is risk-free. There are no up-front costs or minimum enrollments, simply collect enrollments for our program and earn your program $15 for each. Email us at to request details and get started.

We can arrange a bonus for competitive fundraising between organizations too.

Turn your fundraising 'Green' in four steps

Step 1 — Select a good cause

  • This program can supplement an existing fundraising effort, or it can be a separate initiative

Step 2 — Establish the campaign details

  • Set a campaign goal and timeline
  • Invite a Green Power representative to make a presentation to your members
  • Provide a PSE representative with a W9 (for payment purposes)

Step 3 — Promote the program

  • This is the most important part! Use your membership meetings, newsletters, events and social media to promote the campaign. PSE will provide enrollment materials

Step 4 — Deliver your enrollments and collect your check!

  • At the end of the campaign, PSE will validate all enrollments collected and provide $10 per confirmed enrollment


Email us at