Bellingham greenpowerchallenge: Help us meet the goal!

Support energy made in and around Puget Sound

As part of Mayor Linville’s “Energy Year” the city of Bellingham is teaming with PSE in the 2016 Green Power Challenge.

The challenge is to increase adoption of green energy by enrolling 400 more homes or businesses in PSE’s Green Power Program. Meeting the goal means Bellingham will earn a $40,000 grant to install a solar array in the city.

What does joining mean?

For as little as $4 more per month you can match a portion of your electricity usage with green power ($10-12 to matches 100 percent of the average home's usage). This money allows PSE to buy renewable energy on your behalf from independent wind, biogas and solar companies. Perhaps you’ve heard of Farm Power in Lynden and Rexville? That is just one of the independent green energy companies you will be supporting.

Already in? Tell your neighbors!

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I run on Green Power shareable graphic. I run on Green Power shareable graphic. 

Business owner?

When you buy green power through PSE's Green Power Program, you can run your business on clean, green energy for as little as $20 more per month. Email us at to find out more. No contracts. No obligation.