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Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Program is certified by Green-e Energy, which requires companies to provide their customers with this notice of Price, Terms and Conditions of service. From the time you receive this, you have three business days to change your mind about purchasing renewable energy from PSE's Green Power Program. You may cancel your agreement to purchase renewable energy from PSE's Green Power Program by calling the customer service number or writing to the billing address listed below. For more information about Green-e Energy, write Green-e Energy, 1012 Torney Ave, 2nd Floor. San Francisco, CA 94129 or log onto, or call toll-free 1-888-63-GREEN.


Puget Sound Energy (a subsidiary of Puget Energy)

Who should I contact for more information?

Please call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482. Postal mail may be sent to Green Power, EST-10E; P.O. Box 97034; Bellevue, WA 98009-9942.

How will I be billed?

Your selected Green Power purchase amount will be listed as a separate line item on your monthly Puget Sound Energy electricity bill.

How will my bill be calculated?

Customers who choose to purchase blocks of green power must purchase a minimum block of $4.00 a month, which allows PSE to buy 320 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy on your behalf. You can choose to purchase additional green power blocks of 160 kWh at $2.00 each. The green power charge will appear on your bill and is in addition to your monthly electric bill. Customers who select the 100 percent Green Power option will be charged $0.0125 per kWh on top of your monthly electric charge. With the 100 percent option, your monthly green power charge is dependent on your monthly electric usage. Taxes: You must also pay all applicable federal, state, and local taxes and charges**

How much will my total electricity service cost, including utility charges?

Customers who participate in the block option will pay their normal monthly electric charge plus the block option amount of their choice. For example, if – in a given month - your electric charge is $53 dollars a month and you have selected a $4.00 block of green power, then your monthly charge will be $57.00 that month. Customers who participate in the 100 percent Green Power option will be charged an additional $0.0125 multiplied by their actual monthly kWh electric usage. As an example, for an energy efficient customer using an average of 800 kWh each month, the following table provides an estimate of a monthly electricity bill if that customer were to purchase 100 percent green power. Your actual bill will vary based on your use of electricity.****

Monthly Electricity Cost $64.00****
Green Pricing Premium $10.00
Total: $74.00

**** Actual electric rates may vary.

Will my rates change over time?

Utility service rates are subject to change over time. All rate changes require approval from the Washington Utility and Transportation Commission. Customers will be notified within one-month of a green power rate increase or decrease.

What sources will be used in my certified product?

Visit the Program Resources page for the product content label showing the resources used for PSE’s Green Power Program.

If I want to terminate this agreement/contract, what is the early termination fee?

There is no termination fee. You may discontinue your participation at any time.

What length of agreement/ contract is required?

There is no contract requirement to join the Green Power Program. You may discontinue your participation in the Green Power Program at any time.

What other fees might I be charged?

There are no additional fees

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