Strategic Energy Management

Puget Sound Energy is offering a limited opportunity to multifamily portfolios

We’re excited to introduce Strategic Energy Management (SEM) to the Multifamily market. SEM provides a behavior-based approach to energy efficiency that focuses on operational improvements, facility maintenance practices, behavioral changes, and attention to energy data to make your buildings as energy- and cost-efficient as possible.

SEM is designed to engage property owners, managers, maintenance staff and residents in optimizing the way they interact with buildings. Our SEM coaches will help you understand baseline energy consumption, identify opportunities to reduce energy use, eliminate wasted energy through no- and low-cost actions and manage energy performance data to achieve lasting energy savings.

The program will apply proven commercial SEM strategies to the multifamily sector, providing PSE with important information about the feasibility of multifamily SEM at scale. We are looking for participants willing to commit to the program for a 12-month period. Participation is FREE, and we will work with you to identify which properties may be the right fit.

Benefits of SEM

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