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Hospitality-only commercial HVAC incentives

Get $100 back on energy-efficient HVAC units or waste-reducing add-ons

As a hospitality business owner, you know that long-term savings from energy-efficient HVAC equipment can add up, no matter your facility's size. And when you install a qualifying PTAC unit or occupancy controls, use PSE's hospitality HVAC incentives to put the power of energy efficiency to work.

What you get

If you're eligible for this program, you'll receive a $100 incentive for each existing PTAC unit you replace with an energy-efficient PTAC unit and/or each PTAC occupancy control system installed at your business site.

How to qualify

How to apply

PTAC facts

A packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) is a self-contained HVAC unit designed to heat and/or cool a single living space in a hospitality building. These units are often mounted within an exterior wall, as they have a vent and a heat sink on each side, and tend to have standard dimensions.

Occupancy controls use sensors to determine the real-time occupancy of a given space and direct your HVAC system to adjust its ventilation level accordingly. It can significantly improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.