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Commercial HVAC rooftop unit premium service incentive

Get back between $360 and $1,925 on waste-reducing rooftop unit service

When you hire a contractor to perform premium service on your business's rooftop HVAC unit, you'll lower your bills and reduce your overall energy usage without losing an ounce of comfort. And when you use PSE's HVAC premium service incentive, your business can save a bundle right from the start.

What you get

When an approved contractor performs premium service measures on your rooftop HVAC unit, you'll receive an incentive valued between $360 and $1,925 per unit serviced.

The total value of your rooftop HVAC unit premium service incentive is determined by your facility type, the size/tonnage of your unit and the types of diagnostic and/or system improvements and sensors that your service enables.

Your premium service may include some or all of the following:

  • Refrigerant charge quality assurance check
  • Airflow verification and adjustment
  • Economizer installation (should none exist, whether or not it's required by code)
  • Existing economizer recalibration
  • Thermostat schedule and setpoint recalibration
  • Sensor testing, calibration and replacement
  • Replacement of bad sensors, controllers and linkages

How to qualify

How to apply