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Strategic Resource Management

Develop efficiency initiatives, earn incentives

You can lower your business's bills with energy-saving operations and maintenance improvements, behavioral changes and increased energy usage awareness. Use PSE's Strategic Resource Management (SRM) program to find these opportunities and receive valuable incentives to help cover the cost.

For a summary of this program, you can view or download our SRM one-pager.

What you get

If you qualify for PSE's SRM program, PSE and its SRM consulting partner will help you:

  • Identify capital, operations & maintenance (O&M) and behavioral energy-saving opportunities at your business site
  • Form a resource management plan (RMP), a facility action plan (FAP) and a communication plan to establish, implement and inform your staff about energy-saving initiatives at your business site
  • Track your utility cost and usage with PSE-provided resource accounting software
  • Analyze your energy usage patterns with advanced metrics such as 15-minute interval data for viable electric meters (expand for sample graph)
  • Benchmark your business site's portfolio against sites with similar characteristics
  • Develop your Green Champion's skill set with free training sessions
  • Stay on track with quarterly meetings to manage your business's progress through the program and collaborate on way to maintain your savings targets

SRM program incentive

The services provided by PSE's SRM consulting partner carry a consolidated fee comprised of a fixed fee and a portfolio fee:

  • The fixed fee is $4,700, regardless of the size and scope of the SRM project.
  • The portfolio fee depends on the total square footage and number of targeted buildings at your business site.

At the program's outset, PSE pays for 70 percent of the consolidated fee and you are responsible for the remaining 30 percent.

After one year, PSE pays you $0.02 per verified kWh saved, up to the value of your initial 30 percent payment—which means that if you save enough energy through the SRM program, it's possible for PSE to cover 100 percent of the cost.

View the SRM incentive schedule

How to qualify

How to apply

To apply for PSE's Strategic Resource Management program, send an email to