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Comprehensive Building Tune-Up

Save on low-cost/no-cost energy efficiency

There may be small-scale operational improvements or energy efficiency upgrades that can lower your business site's bills without heavy investment. Use PSE's Comprehensive Building Tune-Up (CBTU) program to find and perform these measures, and receive incentives to help pay for the process.

For a summary of this program, you can view or download our CBTU brochure.

What you get

If you qualify for PSE's CBTU program, you may receive some or all of the following:

  • An initial assessment of your business site's energy usage
  • A comprehensive building commissioning (Cx) of your site, including a complete on-site review of your facility's systems
  • Recommendations for low-cost/no-cost operational improvements and energy efficiency upgrades
  • 50 hours of training and a facility guide to instruct your operations and maintenance (O&M) staff how to track energy usage and maintain savings through sustained efficient operation

You also receive financial incentives at key points in the process, which are determined as follows:

Base building commissioning (Cx) incentive

If your business site's initial assessment finds that it will not benefit from a comprehensive building Cx or further program participation, you're compensated for your assessment fee up to the value of the incentive minimum below.

If your business site's initial assessment finds that it will benefit from a comprehensive building Cx and further program participation, you receive the incentive minimum plus a calculated incentive using the rates below, whose combined maximum is also below.

First-year performance incentive

If your business site maintains continued energy-efficient operation for one year after completing all required operational improvements and/or energy efficiency upgrades, and your documented energy savings meet the qualifying targets below, you receive a calculated performance incentive using the rates below whose maximum is also below.

Incentive Description PSE Electric Service Only
(other gas)
PSE Natural Gas Service Only PSE Electric and Natural Gas Service
Base Building Commissioning (Cx) Incentive
Base building Cx incentive minimum $4,000 $2,000 $5,000
Base building Cx calculated incentive $0.25/sq. ft. $0.15/sq. ft. $0.35/sq. ft.
Base building Cx incentive maximum (incentive minimum + calculated incentive)

Up to 75 percent of Cx agent's fee

First-Year Performance Incentive
Qualifying energy savings targets 8  percent 11 percent 8 percent
Calculated electricity performance incentive $0.05/kWh saved -- $0.05/kWh saved
Calculated natural gas performance incentive -- $0.80/therm saved $0.80/therm saved
Performance incentive maximum (calculated electricity incentive + calculated natural gas incentive)

Up to 100 percent of combined total of:

  • Remainder of Cx agent's fee
  • Cost of operational improvement(s) and/or energy efficiency upgrade(s)

How to qualify

How to apply

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