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Commercial kitchen equipment incentives

Get cash back on energy-efficient kitchen appliances

Cooking and sanitation make up more than half the energy usage in your business's kitchen, so high-efficiency kitchen appliances can greatly lower your bills and reduce energy waste. When you upgrade, use PSE's kitchen equipment incentives to save big on new, energy-efficient kitchen equipment.

Your business may also be eligible for instant discounts and incentives on commercial lighting upgrades. Visit our commercial lighting page to learn more.

For a summary of this program, you can view or download our commercial kitchen one-pager.

What you get*

Choose your kitchen equipment category below, then select your specific appliance for details about PSE's incentive, a list of incentive-eligible models** and a link to additional savings (where applicable):

Cooking equipment (with incentives of up to $2,000)

Refrigeration equipment (with incentives of up to $300)

Water heating and sanitation equipment (with incentives of up to $1,500)

* Funding availability subject to annual program budgets.
** Incentive eligibility of equipment subject to change. Contact PSE to confirm before purchase.
† PSE customers whose business site is located within the City of Seattle may be ineligible for this incentive.

How to qualify

How to apply