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WA Production Incentives: Production Meters

PSE is committed to ensuring that you are paid for the full amount of energy generated by your system. In order to accurately and fairly measure the total amount of electricity generated, it is necessary for PSE to install our utility-grade meter. This meter is in addition to the net meter that is installed when the system is interconnected to PSE's distribution grid.

Some systems, including those that incorporate a battery backup, can become complex in their design. Some even direct the output of the inverter to two circuit panels, potentially requiring more than one or an advanced production meter in order to measure the total output of the system.

WAC 458-20-273 allows PSE to recover its costs of metering equipment, engineering coordination and installation labor associated with the installation of our production meters.

Depending on your system's configuration, the following fees (plus any applicable adjustments) apply:

  • Standard production meter: $83
  • Standard production meter for 3-phase or commercial service: $129 or $268, depending on system design
  • Advanced production meter: $360 or $404, depending on system design

Systems requiring more than one meter will be charged a reduced rate for each additional meter:

  • Each additional standard meter (if required) $60
  • Each additional advanced meter (if required) $330 or $371, depending on system design

Installing a production meter base

Some renewable energy systems were installed with a "green tags meter." This meter may be installed in a meter base that already meets PSE's metering standards. Some, though, may be installed in a basement or in the garage. Some may be a digital display; similar to a timer or weather station module. It's also possible that your system doesn't include a production meter base at all.

New system installations should include provisions for a new production meter base in their design. If you wish to participate in the production incentive program, please consult with your system designers to ensure that the appropriate meter base is installed.

Production metering standards