PSE's carbon balance program


Carbon Balance

Your opportunity to be carbon neutral

Participating in the Carbon Balance program lets you reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing third-party verified carbon offsets from local projects that work to reduce or capture greenhouse gases. For as little as $4 a month added to your monthly bill, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Northwest.

Residential natural gas customers can purchase offset blocks for $4 each. With each block equivalent to removing 400 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment, the average customer can be carbon neutral for as little as $8 per month.

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Program Resources

The carbon offsets for the Carbon Balance program are sourced from certified* environmentally responsible energy projects in the Northwest.

Cedar Grove Organic Waste Composting, Maple Valley, WA

At Cedar Grove’s composting facility, yard and food waste, which in the past would have ended up dumped in landfill is now being harnessed for its potential as a nutrient-rich garden topping. Additionally, the composting process reduces the creation of methane – a gas that otherwise would escape into the atmosphere. Through the Carbon Balance program, carbon offsets are earned through the reduction of this greenhouse gas during the anaerobic digestion process.

Culbertson Waste Heat Capture Project, Culbertson County, MT

Through this program, waste heat is captured to recover heat energy.  This waste capture then heats a thermal oil that is then transferred and used to vaporize a fluid that expands to drive the turbines, which in turn drive a generator. This project produces zero emissions on a net basis and uses zero fuel, as it is entirely powered by a waste stream.

* - The Cedar Grove Waste Composting offsets are certified through the Climate Action Reserve; and Culbertson Waste Heat offsets are certified through the Verified Carbon Standard.