Neutralize Your Use, Choose Carbon Balance

With PSE’s new Carbon Balance Program, natural gas customers can purchase carbon offsets and rest easy knowing they have invested in local projects that work to reduce or capture greenhouse gases! While natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, this voluntary program is an easy way for customers to balance the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their natural gas use

Residential customers can purchase carbon offset blocks at $4 each, added to your monthly gas bill. One block is equivalent to removing 400 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment. The average residential customer can make their natural gas use carbon neutral for $8 month.
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How it works

Carbon offsets represent the destruction or reduction of harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as fossil fuels, animal waste, landfills or industrial processes. A single carbon offset represents the reduction of an amount of greenhouse gases equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2e).

  • When you enroll in PSE’s Carbon Balance Program, PSE purchases carbon offsets on your behalf through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), one of the nation’s leading offset suppliers.
  • The carbon offsets for PSE’s Carbon Balance Program are sourced from a waste heat capture project in Culbertson County, Montana.
  • Waste heat capture recovers heat energy, which heats a thermal oil and is then transferred and used to vaporize a fluid that expands to drive the turbines, which in turn drive a generator. This project produces zero emissions and uses zero fuel, as it is entirely powered by a waste stream

Have questions?

Visit the Carbon Balance Program Frequently Asked Questions page.

Projects supported by PSE’s Carbon Balance Program are independent of any carbon reduction strategies being implemented by PSE voluntarily or as a matter of compliance. Carbon Balance Program funds are directed to local projects that work to reduce or capture greenhouse gases. PSE does not make a profit from those funds.

Sign Up for PSE's Carbon Balance Program 

You can enroll your home or enroll your business in the PSE Green Power Carbon Balance Program right now online or by calling a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.