About energy efficiency

Puget Sound Energy provides a variety of services and incentives to help our customers save energy and money. Why? Simply put, it makes sense. What's more, it's the right thing to do.

Since 1979, no other Northwest utility has helped its customers save more energy than PSE. Our energy-efficiency programs have helped PSE customers conserve nearly 5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and almost 50 million therms of natural gas.

But we're not done. Our customers' energy needs are growing. And one of the best, most cost-effective ways to meet their needs is to invest in programs that help people use energy as efficiently as possible—to get more with less. So, in consultation with our regulators, environmental groups, customers and other stakeholders, we're building on our energy efficiency heritage and expanding our conservation services. Over the next two decades, we see the potential to help our customers save another 440 average-megawatts of electricity and 70 million therms of natural gas.

Our conservation programs run the gamut, from rebates for homeowners on energy-efficient furnaces and appliances, to engineering consultation for commercial and industrial projects, to tailored grants for retrofits and upgrades in energy-intensive buildings. Please tour the Savings and Energy Center to learn more about energy-efficiency and renewables services and tools available for you.

Watch your progress2011 Energy Efficiency Performance

In 2013, with your help, Puget Sound Energy's energy-efficiency programs saved enough electricity to power more than 25,000 homes and natural gas to heat more than 6,000 homes—way to go! Every two years, the energy-efficiency programs set new goals to reach a determined number of cost effective kWh and therm savings; watch the numbers grow throughout 2014.

The chart to the right represents the 2014 one-year goal and the progress toward reaching the goal.

Electric energy-efficiency programs
  • 2014 goal: 344.4 million kWh
  • Percent of goal reached to date: 85%
  • Enough electricity savings to power about 25,500 homes
Natural gas energy-efficiency programs
  • 2014 goal: 3.88 million therms
  • Percent of goal reached: 81%
  • Enough natural gas savings to heat more than 3,700 homes             

Chart updated March 2014​