Week of February 13, 2017

We will be pruning trees in the following areas to help maintain safe and reliable electric service:


  • In Bremerton along Kitsap Lake Road
  • In Burlington along Butler Road, Hobson Road, and Bow Hill Road
  • In Hobart along 224th Avenue Southeast, roads adjacent to 244th Avenue Southeast, Maxwell Road Southeast and roads adjacent to Maxwell Road Southeast
  • In Issaquah along 2nd Avenue Southeast, 6th Avenue Southeast, Lewis Lane, Southeast 96th Street, 238th Way, Southeast 104th street, 236th Avenue, Southeast 111th Street, and Southeast 127th Street
  • In Kenmore along Northeast 192nd Street, roads adjacent to Northeast 192nd Street, along 80th Avenue Northeast and roads adjacent to 80th Avenue Northeast
  • In Kittitas along Brick Mill Road, Lester Road, and Gilbert Road
  • In Lynden along Double Ditch Road
  • In North Bend along 409th Avenue, roads adjacent to Healy Avenue South, roads adjacent to Meadow Drive Southeast, along 415th Avenue Southeast and roads adjacent to 415th Avenue Southeast
  • In North Bend along 424th Avenue Southeast and roads adjacent to 424th Avenue Southeast
  • In North Bend along Southeast 69th Street, 440th Avenue Southeast, North Fork Road, and 442nd Place Southeast
  • In Orting along roads adjacent to Fist Road
  • In Port Orchard along roads adjacent to Arvick Road and View Park Road
  • In Poulsbo along Foul Weather Bluff Road
  • In Poulsbo along Skunk Bay Road
  • In Redmond along Northeast 85th Street, 208th Avenue Northeast, 250th Avenue Northeast, and Northeast Novelty Hill Road
  • In Renton along Bronson Way
  • In Renton along Meadow Avenue North, North 24th Street, and North 26th Street
  • In Rochester along Prather Road and alone Highway 99
  • In Yelm along Bald hill Road, Clearwood Estates, and Hobson Road




*Subject to changes