Know what's below. Call 8-1-1.

Know What's Below

Call 811 Before you Dig — It's free and it's the law

Avoid potential injury, fines and electric or natural gas service disruptions. Call 811 two business days prior to digging for a free service that will mark the location of underground lines.

When you Dig

Do not use mechanical means to dig within two feet of the marked area. If you must dig closer, carefully hand dig to expose the utility lines before proceeding. View the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission website for more information about the law.

A natural gas pipeline may be identified with a marker

PSE, like other pipeline operators, installs above ground pipeline markers to indicate that a buried natural gas pipeline is in the area. These are generally situated along highways and major road and railway intersections. These line markers display the name of the pipeline operator and the telephone number where the operator can be reached in case of an emergency. Pipeline markers and warning signs indicate only the presence of a pipeline. They must not be used to determine the exact location of the pipeline.

More information: WUTC Pipeline maps, by county

PSE natural gas pipeline marker

Utility marker color codes

Buried utilities are marked with these color codes:

Color Utility
Red Electric
Orange Telephone - CATV
Yellow Gas - Oil
Green Sewer
Blue Water
Purple Reclaimed water lines (not drinkable)
Pink Survey
White Proposed excavation