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Puget Sound Energy transmission line and substation project

Spurgeon Creek substation, switching station and transmission line projects


2017 project updates

  • The new Spurgeon Creek substation was energized in April 2017, and all related work was completed in May.
  • Construction of the Spurgeon Creek substation began in July 2015.

Project overview

PSE upgraded the electric system in southeast Olympia and southwest Lacey to increase the system’s capacity and improve reliability for our customers. This upgrade included building a new distribution substation, a new transmission switching station, and connecting transmission and distribution lines.

Roughly 25,000 customers in Thurston County were served by a single 13-mile 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line between Lacey and Tumwater. This line provides power to four neighborhood distribution substations. These substations were approaching capacity limits and need to be upgraded to continue meeting our customers’ electricity need. Additionally, because this area was served by only one transmission line, there was not enough redundancy in the system to provide power if this line experienced an outage.

This multi-year construction effort included the following projects:

  • Upgrade the existing distribution lines along Diagonal, Rich and Rainier roads - completed in 2013
  • Construct a new distribution substation and a new transmission switching station in Olympia - completed in 2017