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Puget Sound Energy natural gas projects

North Lake Tapps 12-inch natural gas line


2018 project updates

  • Edwards Road paving
    • Starting April 3, PSE will begin repaving Edwards Rd to restore the road after natural gas line construction. Work is expected to last through April 20 and is weather dependent.
    • Work hours are 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.
    • This fall we installed permanent patches to improve drivability until the road is repaved.
  • To complete paving and ensure safe working conditions, crews will implement intermittent lane closures along Edwards Rd and Edwards Rd E.
    • Paving crews will work on one lane of Edwards Rd and Edwards Rd E at a time.
    • One lane of traffic will be open at all times, with flaggers alternating the direction of traffic.
    • Detour signs will direct non-local traffic to other streets.
  • PSE finished installing approximately 2 miles of new 12-inch high pressure natural gas pipeline to ensure we can continue to provide you with dependable service in the future.
    • Construction began in early August and was completed in late October.
    • Thank you for your patience as we worked to improve the natural gas system!

Project overview


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As demand for natural gas grows, Puget Sound Energy's existing 6-inch high pressure natural gas line serving Bonney Lake is nearing its capacity limits during cold winter days, when people use more energy to stay warm. The system's capacity constraints impact our ability to supply natural gas at an adequate pressure to reliably serve residential, commercial and industrial customers in Pierce County. 

In order to maintain the current reliability of the natural gas system in the area and ensure we can continue to provide our customers with dependable service in the future, PSE plans to upgrade the natural gas system in Pierce County.  

PSE will install approximately 2 miles of new 12-inch high pressure natural gas pipeline. When complete, this new infrastructure will add necessary capacity to the existing system and reinforce the current natural gas pipelines in the area, allowing PSE to continue providing our customers with reliable natural gas service well into the future.


  • Work will entail digging trenches, installing underground pipeline, and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to minimize disruption to wetlands and streams.
  • To ensure safe working conditions, PSE will need to implement road closures in some construction areas along Edwards Rd and Edwards Rd E.
    • For sections of work which include HDD, PSE will close small sections of road in both directions for 2 week periods (see project map for HDD areas).
    • For work areas involving trenching, PSE will close sections of road in one direction. Flaggers will direct traffic in these areas.
    • When road closures are in place, detours will direct through traffic to 190th Ave E or 210th Ave E.
    • Signage will notify drivers of work ahead.
  • After construction is complete we’ll restore Edwards Rd and Edwards Rd E with new asphalt in November 2017 or the spring of 2018, depending on when weather conditions allow.
  • Construction of the pipeline will not require natural gas service outages for customers.
  • A construction manager and quality assurance inspector will be on-site during construction to monitor the pipeline installation process from beginning to end.
  • Before the pipeline is in service, it will be pressure tested to verify the strength of the pipe, check for leaks and establish a safe operating pressure. Once the pipeline is operational, it will be monitored 24/7 by a remote system operator.


At PSE, we know our customers, employees and the communities we serve expect to live and work around a safe and reliable natural gas system. Safety is our top priority when it comes to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the natural gas system serving more than 800,000 PSE customers. When improving and operating our system, we follow or exceed strict federal and state safety requirements related to pipeline safety. Click here for more information on natural gas safety. 

How does natural gas get to my home or business? 

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed almost entirely of methane. Interstate pipelines transport natural gas to regional natural gas systems, where it is metered and delivered through a network of local mains, service lines and, ultimately, to customer homes and businesses. View How Natural Gas Gets to You for more information. 

Committed to keeping you informed 

PSE will continue to provide updates to the community. We'll notify residents who live near the project area when construction will occur. We aim to complete this work with as little disruption as possible.