Process overview

Learn more about the various stages of PSE's ongoing and upcoming utility improvement projects.

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Guiding principles

When working with customers, non-customers and the larger community, we will do our best to:

  • Be a responsible neighbor
  • Be specific in our commitments
  • Be open to creative solutions
  • Be fair and reasonable in our decision-making process
  • Communicate early and regularly about project goals, progress and upcoming events
  • Consider all feedback, from both individuals and groups
  • Provide timely and honest responses to questions
  • Strive to minimize project impacts and disruptions to the community as much as is practicable, and provide mitigation when appropriate and/or necessary

Identifying a need

PSE commissions projects based on existing or projected power needs of the community within our electric and natural gas service area, which may include increased power capacity, meeting mandatory reliability requirements and outage prevention.

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Determining a solution

Once a power need is identified, PSE conducts analyses of potential solutions.

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Public discussion and outreach

When PSE evaluates potential solutions to a power need, we work hard to keep customers, residents and business and community leaders informed and involved throughout the process.

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Planning: Fieldwork and design

Once a preferred project solution has been identified, both PSE and industry experts begin conducting on-the-ground surveys within potentially impacted areas. This is done to collect valuable field information that informs the project's environmental review, permitting and design processes.

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Environmental review and permitting

PSE projects must meet strict environmental and permitting criteria set by federal, state and local jurisdictions.

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Once a project has cleared the necessary reviews and authorizations, construction may begin.

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