Lake Hills Phantom Lake FAQs

Project Need

What is the Lake Hills-Phantom Lake 115 kV
transmission line project?

PSE will build a new 115 kV transmission line between the Lake Hills and Phantom Lake substations in East Bellevue. This project will improve electric service reliability for more than 12,000 customers in the Crossroads, Robinswood, Lake Hills, Eastgate and Phantom Lake neighborhoods.

Why do we need this project?

What would happen if the project is not built?

Why was this solution and route selected?

Community Impacts

How will trees be affected by this project?

How does PSE minimize impacts to trees?

Were other routes and reliability options considered for this project?

How has the public been involved?

How will PSE minimize community impacts from the project?

Project Status

Has PSE been issued the permit needed to construct the project?

What aspects of the project is PSE proceeding with at this time?

Will PSE have to acquire new easements for the project?