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Puget Sound Energy natural gas pipeline project

Kittitas Pipeline Construction

In November 2006, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) completed a 20-mile supply pipeline bringing natural gas service, for the first time, to homes and businesses in Upper Kittitas County. The new natural gas pipeline cost $37.5 million.

News releases

PSE bringing natural gas service to Upper Kittitas County (2/12/2007)

Last Weld Made on Kittitas County Natural Gas Pipeline Project (11/9/2006)

PSE natural gas pipeline construction project about to begin (7/3/2006)

PSE, private-property owners agree on Upper County pipeline route (4/19/2006)

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How does natural gas get to my home or business?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed almost entirely of methane. Interstate pipelines transport natural gas to regional utility natural gas systems, where it is metered and delivered through a network of local mains, service lines and, ultimately, to customer homes and businesses. More than one-third of all Washington state households and businesses use natural gas.