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Puget Sound Energy regional electric system project

Talbot-Beverly fiber-optic line and pole replacement

Spring 2009 project completion
  • PSE completed construction of the fiber-optic line in King County in March 2009.
Project overview

Puget Sound Energy replaced aging power poles and installed a new fiber-optic line along 35 miles of our transmission line corridor between our Talbot substation in Renton to Snohomish County PUD's Beverly Park substation in Everett. As part of maintaining our transmission infrastructure, we have either replaced or modified several power poles along the route; modification of the poles may have included moving wire from the pole to the cross arm or moving the guy wire (a wire that stabilizes the pole).

The new fiber-optic line increases the reliability of our electrical transmission system by improving our electric monitoring and switching practices. With instantaneous communications and automatic switching, the fiber-optic line increases reliability to customers in the region by decreasing the time it takes to restore power for non-structural damage outages; these are outages that occur without damage to a line or pole, such as equipment failure or a critter chewing through wires.

In the past, PSE managed these transmission lines through static data points that required manual manipulation of switches to operate the system – a serviceman had to physically go out to the line to flip the switches. With the fiber-optic line, PSE now has the ability to flip the switches from a remote control room.

Specific locations of poles that have been replaced or modified can be viewed on the clickable section map. Mouse-click on a numbered section of the map to view details.

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Talbot - Beverly fiber optic
line map
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What is a fiber-optic line?

A fiber-optic line or optical fiber is a glass fiber that is designed to direct light along its length and is used for communication purposes within the electrical transmission system. The fiber-optic lines used in our electric system are small, half-inch in diameter lines. Fiber-optic is light, less expensive, and able to carry much more information at a quicker pace making your lights more reliable.

What is a transmission line?

Transmission lines are key factors in the electrical distribution process. The lines safely transport high voltage electricity from power sources like dams and wind generating facilities to substations in local communities. Transmission normally takes place at voltages of 115 kV and higher.

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Clickable section map
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Want to know more?

If you have any questions about PSE's vegetation management process or policies please call 1.888.225.5773.

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Construction Notice, June 2008 (133 KB PDF)
Fact Sheet
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Clickable section map (700 KB PDF)   
Project map (5 MB PDF)
Fiber Line graphic  (117 KB PDF)