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Puget Sound Energy substation project

Overlake substation upgrade

Winter 2014 project complete

  • Construction began the week of Sept. 1, 2014 and was completed in late December 2014.

Project overview

PSE replaced aging equipment at our Overlake substation on 80th Avenue NE in Medina. Specifically, we replaced the substation’s transformer (the equipment that steps down power from transmission line voltage to distribution voltage to serve neighborhood homes) and replaced other substation equipment.

One of most important parts of the upgrade was the addition of a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system at the station that enables PSE to monitor and control the station remotely, allowing us to more quickly respond to changing system demands and abnormal system conditions.

What is a substation?

Substations are critical links in the electricity distribution system, containing utility circuit protection, voltage regulation, and equipment that steps down higher voltage to lower voltage. Before reaching homes and businesses, power is routed through our transmission system to a substation where it is changed to a lower voltage that can be utilized by customers.