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Puget Sound Energy substation project

Factoria substation

Summer 2009 project updates
  • PSE completed construction of the new $7.5 million Factoria substation upgrade in August 2009.
Project overview

To keep up with the growth in Bellevue and the Puget Sound area, Puget Sound Energy must constantly assess, plan and, where necessary, work to improve the components of its system to deliver safe and reliable electricity. As part of this review, PSE upgraded the Factoria Substation - located at Southeast 32nd Street and Richards Road Southeast. Taking advantage of new technology, the rebuild of the substation reduces outages and enhances capacity.

The project entailed installing a 115 kV circuit breaker to provide more reliability, replaced the current transformer with a newer more efficient model, and added a second transformer to provide twice the capacity.

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Project Map
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What is a substation?

Substations are critical links in the electricity distribution system, containing utility circuit protection, voltage regulation, and equipment that steps down higher voltage to lower voltage. Before reaching homes and businesses, power is routed through our transmission system to a substation where it is changed to a lower voltage that can be utilized by customers.

Download information

Download these PDF files for more detail on PSE's Factoria substation project.
News release (8/21/09)
Construction notice, June 2008  (59 KB PDF) 
Fact sheet (436 KB PDF) 
Project map (483 KB PDF)

Crews construct the new
Factoria substation