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Puget Sound Energy substation project

Bridle Trails substation

Winter 2008 project completed
  • Upgrades to the Bridle Trails substation were completed in December
Project overview

To increase reliability and capacity and meet the growing needs of Bellevue customers, Puget Sound Energy has upgraded our existing Bridle Trails substation at 5500 140th Avenue NE, Bellevue. The $3 million construction upgrade includes adding an additional 25 mega volt-ampere transformer bank and related equipment upgrades to the site.

Over the past decade the addition of two substations was sufficient to serve the needs of Bellevue businesses and residents. However, the residential and commercial growth in Bellevue has required PSE to expand capacity to serve the city. In 2008 alone, PSE added the equivalent of two substations by doubling the capacity of our Bridle Trails and Center substations. And, the expansions took place within the fence line of our existing property.

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Project map
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What is a transformer?

A transformer is a piece of electrical equipment that reduces the voltage of electric current to a level required for distribution to homes and businesses. Adding a transformer enables PSE to increase capacity and reliability for customers, while remaining within the fence line of the existing substation site.

What is a substation?

Substations are critical links in the electricity distribution system, containing utility circuit protection, voltage regulation, and equipment that steps down higher voltage to lower voltage. Before reaching homes and businesses, power is routed through our transmission system to a substation where it is changed to a lower voltage that can be utilized by customers.

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Download these PDF files for more detail on PSE's Bridle Trails substation project. 
Project map (385 KB PDF)