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Puget Sound Energy natural gas pipeline project

Bellevue area natural gas system uprate

Summer 2010 project completion
  • Puget Sound Energy completed the uprate of our natural gas system in the Bellevue area on August 23, 2010
Project overview

PSE upgraded our natural gas system serving several Eastside communities, including Beaux Arts, central Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina and parts of Yarrow Point, to ensure continued reliability and meet growing demand for natural gas service in the area.

The work involved surveying 108 miles of natural gas pipeline then increasing, or uprating, in two phases, the natural gas-system pressure from 45 to 60 pounds per square inch of gas. This uprate helped provide operational flexibility during maintenance and operation of our natural gas system.

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How does natural gas get to my home or business?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed almost entirely of methane. Interstate pipelines transport natural gas to regional utility natural gas systems, where it is metered and delivered through a network of local mains, service lines and, ultimately, to customer homes and businesses. More than one-third of all Washington state households and businesses use natural gas.

For important natural gas safety information, including how to detect a natural gas leak, please visit our natural gas safety Web page

Download information

Uprate notice, May 2010 (305 KB PDF)
Survey notice, January 2010 (683 KB PDF)
Project map (347 KB PDF)