Lower Snake River Wind Facility

Our newest and largest wind facility is located in Southeast Washington, 15 miles west of Pomeroy, Garfield County. Map

The Lower Snake River project currently encompasses 149 wind turbines capable of generating about 343 megawatts of electricity. Read more facts about the facility.


Come discover the rural beauty of Garfield County and witness the future of energy being made now by our Lower Snake River turbines.

Please call 509-751-4800 for information about scheduling a guided tour. If you plan to get out of your car and walk the wind facility’s grounds unescorted, however, you may register online, at Four Star Supply, or at The Last Resort Kampstore year-round, or at Deadman Creek Store (www.deadmanc.com) during the deer rifle season. If you registered online, you will need to pick up the access permit at the store you selected on the registration form.


Hunting, hiking, bird watching, walking the grounds and other recreational activities are allowed on the wind facility by written permission only. Please register here to enjoy access to the private lands that compose the Lower Snake River Wind Facility. Separate access permits are required for PSE’s Hopkins Ridge, PacificCorp’s Marengo, and the Portland General Electric Tucannon River wind facilities located in nearby Columbia County.

Hunting FAQ

Lower Snake River hunting & access guidelines video

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Why are some areas open to access and others restricted?

Why do I need to stop at Four Star Supply, The Last Resort Kampstore, or Deadman Creek Store if I've completed the application online?

What are the PSE Lower Snake River Wind Facility access rules?

Can my children come?