Property Management Agreement

To start new service for tenants moving in, you need to have a Property Management Agreement on file—and you need to include a signed authorization letter from the tenant with the new service application.

With a Property Management Agreement, you can use your myPSE Account to start and stop service for vacant units.

Complete the form below to establish a Property Management Agreement with PSE.

Agreement Details

The property owner/manager agrees to:

  • Pay all energy charges when the unit is vacant
  • Notify PSE of any changes in occupancy
    • It is the responsibility of both the tenant and the property owner/manager to contact us regarding the change.
  • Provide PSE with the new billing address
    • If bills are returned as undeliverable and go unpaid, this agreement will be terminated and the energy service(s) will be scheduled for disconnection.
  • Inform PSE if the property is sold
    • The property owner/manager is responsible for all energy charges until we're notified.
  • Notify PSE immediately of discrepancies regarding tenant move-in or move-out dates

PSE is only able to complete a move in or move out as of date of notification. It is no longer possible to back date move in or move outs.

Property Management Agreement Form

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Additional Properties
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