Lease Services

Puget Sound Energy’s Lease Services support customers with existing natural gas water heaters and conversion burners. Currently the program is not accepting new leases. However, we are committed in supporting our existing natural gas equipment lease customers with 24/7 emergency support, with ongoing repair and replacement services.

If your service with Puget Sound Energy includes a leased natural gas water heater or conversion burner for your furnace, most parts, repairs and replacements are covered by your Lease Agreement. We partner with Fast Water Heater Company to perform water heater replacements and removals.

We are open during after-hours for emergency support– no heat or leaking water heater. Please contact our call center support team at 1-888-225-5773.

Support for Leased Equipment:

Current Rental Rates

The Summary document includes the effect of all supplemental rate schedules except Schedule 01, Municipal Tax Adjustment, where applicable.

View a specific rate schedule summary of itemized prices by selecting the service type (Electric / Natural Gas) and clicking on the current price summary and selecting the rate bookmarked in the left panel.

Tariffs pertaining to water heating equipment rental are listed below: