Lease Services

Natural gas water heaters and conversion burners

If your service with Puget Sound Energy includes a leased natural gas water tank or conversion burner for your furnace, most parts, repair and replacements are covered by your lease agreement.

To arrange for repairs or replacement of your leased natural gas-heating equipment, call PSE’s Lease Services Department at 1-800-421-7368 or contact us by email at

New equipment purchases

Currently, PSE is not opening new leases. We do, however, continue to support existing natural gas equipment leases. If you are interested in purchasing a new water heater or furnace, learn about current rebate offers by contacting a PSE Energy Advisor.

Ownership transfer

Your leased equipment can be transferred to the new owner when you sell your home if it's agreed upon by both parties. Ask your realtor for details. The process will require Form 22D - Optional Clause Addendum to Purchase & Sale Agreement. You may mail, fax, or email the completed Form 22D to PSE Lease Services to begin the transfer. If the buyer does not wish to take over the lease, then you may either pay off the depreciated value of the equipment or request to have the equipment removed. Please call Lease Services for details.

Safety and energy tip

Washington state law recommends that residential water heaters be set no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or on the low setting.

Current rates

Rate schedules pertaining to water heating equipment rental are listed below. Find more information about PSE electric and natural gas rates, pending UTC filings, and regulatory news in the Rates section of this website.