Construction request forms

To initiate the process to get natural gas and/or electric service to your construction project, please complete and submit the applications that are available below. Depending on your project, more than one application may be required. For instance, if your project requires both natural gas and electric service, you'll want to submit applications for both energies. Once your application is received, a PSE representative will contact you to discuss your project, explain the process, and various costs that may apply.

To send an electronic copy of your application, please complete, name and save the application in PDF format prior to attaching to email.

Single Family Residential: For new construction of a single family dwelling on a single parcel. Includes mobile and manufactured homes, additional dwelling units (e.g. mother-in-law apartment).
Electric Application Gas Application
Plat Application: For electric and/or gas service for new construction development of two or more single-family residential adjoining parcels.
Gas and Electric Application
Multi-Family Residential: For electric and/or gas service for two or more dwelling units within a single structure.
Electric Application Gas Application
Non-Residential: For electric and/or gas service for buildings, all or a portion of which is intended for commercial, retail, or general public activities. This includes non-residential temporary electric service installed to provide power to a customer for a period of 12 months or less.
Permanent Electric Application Gas Application
Temporary Electric Application

Please download your form and open it with Adobe Acrobat if it does not open in your browser.

General questions or feasibility only inquiries:

If are interested in feasibility only or have general questions please contact us using the form below.