Power Quality

Power quality testing equipment

PSE Service Linemen: Jeff Hoyt and
Reddy Landon

PSE commits to high standards for the safe and reliable quality of the electrical power we provide to you. Power quality problems result from disturbances or distortions to the electrical voltage and current and can impact critical aspects of your business like communications, lighting, operations, and data.

  • Symptoms of a power quality problem may include:
    • flashing clocks or processor resets
    • data loss or computer shutdowns
    • unexpected equipment shutdowns
    • noisy radio or telephone reception
    • flickering lights
    • damaged equipment power supplies
  • Sources of the problem may be:
    • the electric system that provides your service
    • appliances with design or manufacturing defects
    • software errors
    • operator errors.
  • Contributing factors such as improperly grounded equipment may amplify an otherwise minor issue.

We can help

If you are experiencing a power quality problem, we can help.

  1. Use the problem solving tools below to gather information to help us understand and address your needs.
  2. You may not need to contact PSE, but if you do, you can reach us by calling PSE Business Account Services at 425-462-3111 or by emailing us at businessaccountservices@pse.com.
    Please provide this information » when contacting PSE.
  3. Your business advisor will take your information and one of our local engineers will contact you after analyzing PSE's internal data.

Problem Solving Tools

PSE engineers inspecting equipment

When investigating power quality problems, it is important to identify three elements: the power disturbance, any contributing factors, and how the equipment is being affected.

These tools can help you do that.

Common Problems and Solutions Table

Use the Power Problems and Solutions table as a self-help reference. Find the specific problem you are experiencing and consider the recommended solutions.

Issue Tracking Log

Download and print this Issue Log to gather facts and track problems over time. This information will help PSE evaluate your specific concerns.

Technical Diagnostic

Use this checklist to troubleshoot power quality issues from a technical perspective and to help identify the source of the problem.