Residents of Manufactured-Homes in Lewis County can Receive $500 Worth of Free Duct Sealing and More from Puget Sound Energy

Upgrades Could cut Their Utility Bills by up to 30 Percent

OLYMPIA, Wash. (Sept. 24, 2012) – Puget Sound Energy is offering residents of manufactured homes in Lewis County and surrounding areas the chance to seal up leaky ductwork and receive other energy efficiency upgrades for free. The service, available through 2012, has up to a $500 value per customer and could reduce their energy bills by approximately 30 percent.

Typically four out of five manufactured homes have leaky heating and cooling systems. The program helps customers who live in manufactured-homes install energy-efficient measures to increase their comfort and manage their energy bills. PSE estimates there are more than 300 manufactured homes in Lewis County with customers who are eligible for the free service.

The utility has teamed up with energy services specialist UCONS, LLC to install the free energy-efficient upgrades. A certified specialist will seal the ductwork, as well as provide free on-site installation of ENERGY STAR®-qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs in high-use areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Customers also receive air filter replacements and an energy-efficient showerhead.

To qualify, those living in manufactured homes must be PSE customers and use electric or natural gas forced-air as the primary heat source. Eligible homeowners cannot have taken advantage of previous manufactured home energy-efficiency upgrade service.

Since manufactured homes tend be located close together, UCONS is able to efficiently provide this service by taking a neighborhood approach. UCONS representatives will be going door-to-door with flyers to discuss the service with PSE customers. PSE customers can also request the service by calling UCONS at 1-800-828-8440.

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