Readying the Efficiency Troops

PSE Offers Contractor Training to Help Make a Growing Number of Apartments and Condos More Energy Efficient

BELLEVUE, Wash. (Aug. 25, 2014) – Puget Sound Energy is preparing for a busy 2015 as more and more customers look to take advantage of cost-saving incentives to make their homes and businesses energy efficient.

To increase the number of qualified personnel out in the field to perform the upgrades, PSE is offering multifamily air sealing technical training to companies that are part of PSE's Multifamily Contractor Alliance Network (CAN). Eligible multifamily buildings must be five or more attached units.

The businesses enrolled in the training program are: Energy Savers, Clean Crawls, Carrig & Dancer, Burnham Insulation, Raatz Construction Company, and Green Property Solutions. Those who complete the training will be certified by PSE to perform air sealing and other related weatherization work.

The training will be conducted in partnership with PSE and Arrow Insulation, and held at South Seattle Community College. Participants will receive up to 20 Building Performance Institute (BPI) Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Air leaks in a building's envelope can be the single largest cause of heat loss, especially in older buildings constructed before 1992. Air sealing can reduce infiltration rates by more than 60 percent, which translates to a significant savings on heating and cooling costs.

Insulating and air sealing multifamily buildings will not only reduce energy costs, but it can improve indoor air quality, increase comfort levels for residents, and enhance the durability of a building. With new 2015 air sealing incentives provided by PSE, property owners will have very little out-of-pocket cost, making this a smart investment with high returns.

Multifamily building owners and managers interested in learning more can contact the Multifamily Retrofit hotline at PSE by calling 866-997-9767.

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