Combining Energies

City of Buckley Transfers its Natural Gas Utility to PSE

Change out of Residential & Business Meters Starts in Mid-July

BUCKLEY, Wash. (June 27, 2014) – The City of Buckley on June 26 transferred its natural gas operating and distribution system to Puget Sound Energy.

The transfer represents seven months of planning that followed last November’s general election when Buckley voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of the city’s 57-year-old natural gas utility to PSE, which also serves electricity to Buckley.

“The sale of our gas utility to PSE benefits both the city and our residents and business owners,” said Buckley Mayor Pat Johnson. “We’re pleased this transaction has allowed our gas-utility employees to work elsewhere for the city and our gas users to take advantage of PSE’s broad range of services.”

The last bill for natural gas from the City of Buckley will be included in the city’s statement issued June 30.

“We’re delighted to acquire Buckley’s natural gas system and serve the 1,300 homes and businesses with gas,” said PSE President & CEO Kimberly Harris. “Serving both electricity and natural gas to Buckley’s homes and businesses strengthens our ability to deliver safe, dependable and efficient services:”

PSE’s first bill for natural gas service will be included as a combined PSE electric and natural gas statement, scheduled to arrive around July 26.

Representatives from PSE and the City of Buckley will be at the Log Show on June 28 & 29, as well as at an open house on Thursday, July 10, from 5-8 p.m. at the Buckley Fire Station, to answer questions and provide information about the change-out of natural gas meters to begin in mid-July.

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