Hydro Licensing Contact Information

Dedicated teams of Puget Sound Energy staff manage the implementation of its hydroelectric project licenses. The teams consist of experts in a variety of resource areas including fisheries and aquatic resources, wildlife and terrestrial resources, cultural and historic resources, recreational resources, hydrologic and water resources, engineering, and hydroelectric operations.

For any comment or question specific to these areas, please refer to the contact information below. When submitting a comment or question by e-mail, please include the particular resource area of your interest in the "subject" line of your message. If you have a general question or comment, or if you do not know the resource area to which your inquiry pertains, please insert "General" in the subject box. Following these guidelines will help expedite a response to your inquiry.

Mailing Address

Tom Flynn, Manager, Licensing
Puget Sound Energy
PO Box 97034, PSE-09S
Bellevue, WA 98009-9734