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Subject: CRAG review

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Good morning,

In yesterday's CRAG meeting, PSE requested an expedited review of a project to improve drainage around our cottages.  All three are within the Baker River Hydroelectric Historic District.  The project includes connecting downspouts to underground drain pipes which empty into drywells (detailed description in attached report).  In addition, portions of the existing sidewalk would be replaced in-kind (material, widths, profiles) in accordance with the Maintenance Guidelines for the district and houses.   

The survey did not identify any significant cultural resources and none of the work will affect features that make the historic district eligible to the National Register.  The sidewalks are not contributing nor are they character-defining features of the district or houses. 

PSE would like to improve the drainage systems prior to heavy rains and winter snows so we are asking for a two-week review of this project instead of the normal 4 week review.  In the meeting yesterday with CRAG members present, it was agreed that this could be done and was a reasonable amount of time for the review.  I am attaching the letter report which describes the project, the APE, findings, and recommendations.  If you have more questions or need more information please don't hesitate to contact me.  We request comments or concurrence by November 4, 2011.  If we do not receive comments by that date, we will assume concurrence and the project will move forward as proposed.  

We appreciate your attention to this and your willingness to work with us on deadlines.  Thanks and let me know if there is anything else you need.
Elizabeth Dubreuil

Consulting Cultural Resource Scientist, PSE

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