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Greenhouse Gas Policy Statement

As the Northwest’s largest utility, we’ve been a leader in developing clean energy and advancing efficiency programs and technologies. In the last decade we’ve deployed over 770 megawatts of wind generation and other green energy projects, and we aren’t stopping there.

PSE is committed to reducing our emissions and increasing the use of clean renewable energy. PSE also advocates a national strategy that achieves both short-term measures designed to lessen the growth of greenhouse gas emissions and long-term strategies that will ultimately manage greenhouse gas emissions to appropriate levels in a scientifically sound, and responsible fashion.

The specific near-term strategies for PSE will continue to include the following:

  1. Ongoing development and investment in our customer energy efficiency program;
  2. Pursuit of a diverse energy portfolio mix of resources including renewable generation that will result in lowering of our greenhouse gas emissions consistent with least cost planning principles;
  3. Customer or community based generation of renewable energy;
  4. Opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with our partners in the utility industry, our local communities, and state and national government;
  5. Ongoing development and investment in our green fleet and low emission vehicle programs;
  6. Provide customer choice through the Green Power and Carbon Balance programs to easily reduce their carbon footprint while supporting local projects;
  7. Transparency with our greenhouse gas emissions footprint reporting; and
  8. Coordination with our customers to help them minimize their greenhouse gas emissions footprint.

Furthermore, PSE believes the US government must take a strong leadership role on this global issue through responsible decisions and policies that provide clear, long-term signals that will enable applicable sectors that consume fossil fuels to over time make sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective decisions.

Measuring Greenhouse Gases

PSE has been calculating and disclosing its GHG emissions since 2002. Early on, PSE selected the highest level of inventory and reporting protocols, developed by the World Resources Institute, to complete its carbon accounting. In 2010, PSE adopted the Environmental Protection Agency GHG reporting methodologies to align itself with the federal standards and to ensure consistency and accuracy in the carbon accounting process.

We have shown very meaningful steps to limit the amount of fossil-fueled generation added to our region by adding renewable generation to our portfolio.    PSE is currently the 3rd largest utility owner of wind generation resources in the United States with the ownership and operation of our Hopkins Ridge, Wild Horse and Lower Snake River wind farms. While our interest in the Colstrip generation facility remains a significant portion of our overall greenhouse gas emissions, PSE’s overall emissions strategy demonstrates a concerted effort to manage our customers’ needs with an appropriate balance of new renewable generation, existing generation owned  by PSE, and significant energy efficiency efforts. 


We’re steadily working to expand our existing supplies of renewable power.    For the foreseeable future, we expect wind power to anchor our growing renewable-energy portfolio.

Exploring New Technologies and Green Power Program

PSE has partnered with public- and private-sector entities on a variety of innovative alternative-energy projects, such as the generation of power from dairy waste at farms in King, Whatcom and Skagit counties, and from methane gas captured at King County’s Cedar Hills landfill and at Graham Landfill in Pierce County. PSE also promotes the development of renewable energy through its nationally recognized Green Power Program. The program lets our customers spur more renewable-power production here in the Northwest by voluntarily buying renewable energy credits.

January 15, 2014

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Puget Sound Energy Greenhouse Gas Policy Statement

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Customer Handbook for Climate Change
Resources available from PSE to help administrators and managers in the commercial and public sectors answer questions related to electricity and natural gas use and its impact on the environment and the bottom line.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

Since 2002, PSE has undertaken a voluntary inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with its power-supply portfolio. Early editions of the inventory followed the protocols established by the World Resource Institute GHG Protocol (GHG Protocol). Beginning in 2009, PSE adopted the Environmental Protection Agency methodology for calculating its direct emissions. In 2011 PSE will begin disclosing, on an annual basis, its emissions to the EPA. Washington state law will require an identical disclosure beginning in 2013.

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