Green Energy

Green Energy

Environmental leadership

One of the ways Puget Sound Energy demonstrates its commitment to the environment is by providing our customers with reliable and ecologically sustainable energy services.

Energy efficiency

No other Pacific Northwest utility has helped its customers save more energy over the past three decades than we have. And we intend to do much more. Through cost-effective energy-efficiency programs and services, we believe we can help our customers capture electricity savings over the next 20 years equivalent to the power demand of approximately 400,000 homes. Learn more by calling a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482.

Clean energy

We are steadily expanding our supplies of renewable power. Already the nation's third-largest utility producer of wind power, we expect to triple our existing supply of renewable energy by 2020. While wind power is our predominant source of renewable energy, we also are exploring other cost-effective sources of renewable power including solar, geothermal and biomass energy.

Customer-produced renewable resources

Besides producing clean, renewable energy on a large scale, we help our customers develop their own, small-scale renewable-energy systems. So far, we've helped approximately 750 homes and businesses become green-power producers, and the number is steadily increasing. Our Renewable Energy Advantage Program provides cash payments to customers who generate their own electricity through solar power, wind turbines, or anaerobic digesters at their home or business. We also offer additional financial incentives to those who generate renewable power via our net metering program — where they get credits on their bill when they generate more power than they draw from the grid.

We also provide grants and technical assistance to help local schools and other tax-supported institutions build solar power-generating systems.

Green at work

Some of our newest service centers are lean and green with vegetation-covered roofs that reduce heating and cooling, and absorb greenhouse gases. These buildings also have rain-collection systems for toilet flushing. Our corporate headquarters are LEED-certified and equipped with power-saving features such as automated lighting controls that switch off lights when sunlight provides a sufficient level of ambient, indoor lighting.

At PSE, we're putting our energy into clean power solutions that help our customers and the environment.