Excess Generation Capacity

We strive to balance our available power supply with the electricity demands of our customers. At times, however, we may have excess power available to sell to other utilities or power marketers. For example, in summer months when Northwest electricity usage is lower, we may sell our surplus power. Conversely, we may at times purchase additional power, such as in winter months when Northwest usage is high. The result is a more efficient and cost-effective use of our power-generation and power-transmission resources.

Estimated excess generation capacity

  • October 23-24, 2016; 50 MW

This is a preschedule estimate, and subject to change in real-time, due to changes in load, generation and firm contracts.


  • Tariff will be WSPP with price and other terms negotiated by mutual agreement, but alterable only by meeting the public interest standard.
  • Transactions under this order shall be scheduled in accordance with WECC scheduling practices.
  • All thermal generation will be available on a non-firm basis only; all other generation may also be limited to non-firm sales depending upon the ability to undesignate the resource. All such non-firm sales will be subject to recall by PSE schedulers.
  • Power is offered at the generation busbar. All transmission must be acquired by the purchaser.
  • All potential sales are subject to availability of fuel (e.g. natural gas).
  • All transactions are subject to buyer meeting PSE credit requirements in advance.