Acquiring Energy

Procuring new energy supply

To meet the anticipated energy needs of our region in the coming years, PSE must acquire new sources of energy. We have several strategies for acquiring additional energy, approaches that meet your long-term demands for electricity and natural gas while keeping your rates as low as possible.

As a leader in renewable energy, we are actively developing additional renewable resources that protect both your pocketbook and the environment.

Another important strategy is to continue helping homes and businesses save energy. Over the next 20 years, our energy-efficiency programs are expected to help customers save more than 500 megawatts of electricity. Those savings are equivalent to the output of four average-sized natural gas-fired power plants.

We also identify new energy resources by issuing formal requests for proposals (RFP) every other year. This open-bidding process helps us purchase power, acquire existing power plants and develop new facilities at the most competitive prices.

Our RFP process

Pursuant to Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission rules (WAC 480-107), following the biannual updating of PSE's Integrated Resource Plan, PSE files a Request for Proposals when the plan identifies a capacity resource need within the next three years.

PSE's most recent Integrated Resource Plan was filed in November 2015. PSE filed two draft RFPs for technology and implementation services for demand response programs on June 15, 2016. Final versions of the RFPs (links below) were approved by the WUTC on September 8, 2016. The RFPs were formally released on September 12, 2016. Interested parties should submit a completed intent to bid form by September 23, 2016. Proposals are due November 4, 2016.

View the 2016 RFP for Commercial & Industrial Demand Response Program

View the Bidder Pricing Instructions for Commercial & Industrial Demand Response Program

View the 2016 RFP for Direct Load Control Program

View the Bidder Pricing Instructions for Direct Load Control Program

Contact information

Questions or comments regarding Demand Response RFPs may be sent to

Reporting information

PSE's Code of Conduct for voluntarily submitting energy data to index developers.