Our Goals

Enhance customer service

Respond to our customers by listening, leveraging new systems, updating processes and providing innovative and improved services, products and programs.

Optimize generation and delivery

Secure and maintain reliable resources; build or replace infrastructure in a way that meets customer needs, promotes environmental stewardship and provides a fair return to investors.

Be a good neighbor

Embrace our role as a leader to protect and improve our natural gas and electric service, promote energy efficiency initiatives, encourage corporate giving and embrace community involvement.

Value employees

Work safely. Value diversity, teamwork and open communication. Support employees through technology, process improvement, recognition, training and development.

Own it

Conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that is ethical and responsible. Take personal responsibility for meeting customer needs while using company resources and facilities wisely.

Continue to learn and grow

Get better at what we do every day. Continuously examine past practices, challenge assumptions and apply lessons learned to improve our efforts.

In addition to our corporate goals, we adhere to performance criteria for customer satisfaction and energy efficiency outcomes.