PSE Green Power customer Ashley DeLancy - Thurston County.

How Does It Work?

Angela Lenz, Owner Tails-a-Wagging
“We are always looking for ways to keep our environment healthy for ourselves and our four legged clients. Of everything we do, signing up for green power one of the easiest.”

Angela Lenz, Owner Tails-A-Wagging
Bellingham, Washington

When you sign up for Green Power, Puget Sound Energy buys electricity from independent clean-energy producers right here in our region. These businesses generate electricity from wind, sun, biogas and other renewable sources.

Green Power adds this electricity to the grid, which offsets some or all of the conventional power you use each month. You decide on the amount: $4 per month will offset one-quarter of the electricity it takes to run an average home; $12 will offset 100 percent of the average home’s use.

Your Green Power participation helps our regional economy as well as our environment. The energy producers that Green Power supports are creating jobs and establishing the Pacific Northwest as a leader  in the $200 billion global green-energy sector. And since PSE does not make a profit from the Green Power program, you can be sure that every dollar you contribute is making a difference.

Meet the power generators who are helping us lead the way in climate protection.

Still not convinced you should sign up your home or business?

Watch these videos:

Or read these testimonials:

"We're pleased and excited to be participating...Our northwest office felt strongly that participation in the PSE Green Power Program was an important way to communicate commitment to the environment. Also, it represents a unique way for our office to stand-out within the company and marketplace in terms of addressing the need to adopt sustainable practices...Yes, there is a premium, but we're beyond using expense as an excuse to avoid responsibility. As an environmental engineering firm, our clients understand this. As a PSE customer, we're happy to be part of a network of firms that are willing to take on a new challenge." 

—Scott Lester, SCS Engineers

"We have many customers who shop with us because we offer many eco-friendly flooring products. When eco-friendly products are brought up it is a natural fit to mention that we are a proud user and supporter of Green Power. This has proven educational for many of our customers, who didn't know Green Power was available. We proudly display our Green Power Participant sticker on our door, and our Green Power Environmental Leader Certificate (right next to our business license!) where everyone can see it. We were proud to be one of the first 100% Green Power partners in our area, and really glad that PSE offers this to its commercial and residential customers."

—Tammi Fleming, Simple Floors