Re-Energize with Customer Renewable Generation

What is the Renewable Energy Advantage Program?

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Changes to PSE’s renewable energy payment structure

As of September 2015, the 2016 base rate is expected to drop between 2-5 cents per kWh. Base rates will be finalized in early summer 2016. Read more about the REAP incentive structure.

PSE created the Renewable Energy Advantage Program (REAP) in order to encourage the growth of renewable electricity production in its service area in support of WAC 458-20-273 through payments to the customer for energy produced.

This voluntary set of rules allows Washington state utilities the option of participating in an incentive program for eligible customers who use solar PV, wind or anaerobic digesters to generate their own electricity. Unlike net metering, micro-hydro generators and fuel cells are not eligible, under terms of the WAC.

The incentives are available to an individual, business, or local governmental entity that generates electricity on its own property.

To all participants in the Renewable Energy Advantage Program

PSE will complete the needed paperwork on your behalf to file for your yearly production incentive. You do not need to submit a yearly Production Payment application to the Department of Revenue (DOR) as noted in the system approval paperwork provided by the DOR. Since we will work directly with the DOR to process your incentive, the August 1st deadline provided in your system approval paperwork does not apply to you. Please note that your system does need to be approved by the DOR to be eligible for this incentive – this is a one-time process, and the nine digit Tax Registration Number provided by the DOR is your certification that your system has been approved to participate in this program.

Eligible customers may be paid from 12¢ to 54¢ per economic development kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Renewable Energy Advantage Program resources

Program rules and certification applications can be found at the Washington Department of Revenue website and by downloading their Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification document. PSE rate and tariff information can be found on PSE's rates and regulatory information webpages.

REAP application forms: