Improve the efficiency of your hotel or motel

PSE’s lodging efficiency program provides comprehensive, no-cost energy assessments for eligible customers, and facilitates the installation of proven energy-saving measures, including lighting, water heating and HVAC. Additionally, the lodging efficiency program coordinates with other programs funded by PSE to cover a more comprehensive list of potential energy-saving actions to increase your facility’s efficiency.

What you get*

PSE offers easy ways to directly improve your lodging facility and increase savings.
Program features:

  • No-cost comprehensive assessment and energy savings project identification and savings calculations, including return-on-investment
    • Investment-grade energy audits available
  • On-the-spot installation of no-cost LED lighting and water-saving measures
  • Proposal including additional energy efficiency upgrade opportunities, if eligible
  • Reduced energy use and savings on your bill
  • Improved environment for your guests and employees
Eligible lodging owners may be able to take advantage of these simple energy upgrades:
  • LED lighting: Screw-in lighting, fixture upgrades, exterior lighting, exit and open signs
  • Occupancy sensors: Sensor controls that turn off lighting when a space is unoccupied
  • Water savers: Low-flow faucet aerators, pre-rinse spray heads and showerheads
  • HVAC: Programmable thermostats, equipment assessments and referrals

*Subject to eligibility and availability

Custom energy efficiency opportunities*

Incentives are available for choosing energy-efficient steps that aren’t covered under our direct install program.

  • Replacing old, less efficient with new, higher efficiency equipment, including:
    • Improving efficiency of processes, new energy management systems
    • Humidification, custom lighting, heating and cooling efficiency
    • Boiler replacements, controls and heat recovery, laundry ozone
    • Pump and fan replacements, kitchen equipment and hood ventilation controls, water-flow controls
  • Eligible upgrades and incentive amounts are consistent with those listed on the Retrofit Grants page.

How to qualify

This program is available to PSE gas and electric commercial customers who own or operate small to medium sized lodging establishments (up to 100 rooms) within PSE’s service territory. For more information about eligibility and upcoming community events, email

*Dependent on an in-depth energy analysis study that focuses on major energy conservation improvements.