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We’re making upgrades to serve you better!

On April 1, 2013, we upgraded to a new customer care and billing system that will improve our ability to serve you. Our new system will also help us find problems on our energy system faster. For our electricity customers, this means better information about outages and when to expect your lights to come back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why did I receive more than one statement in March?

Some Puget Sound Energy customers received a second billing statement for the month of March. This was not a mistake. This second statement included charges for energy used in March. The earlier March statement covered charges that occurred in February. The reason some customers received a second PSE statement was to accommodate the closeout of our old billing system, and the transition to a new, upgraded system that went into effect on April 1. The payment due dates on these second March statements are for mid-April. More information.

What do I need to do because of the system changes?

Nothing. Your account information will automatically switch over, and a new 12-digit account number will appear on your next billing statement.

Cutaway illustration of PSE bill with 12-digit account number

When will I get my new account number?

Your new 12-digit account number went into effect April 1, 2013, and will appear on your next billing statement.

Do I need to change my sign-in information or sign up for a new MyPSE Account?

No, you can sign in as you usually do.

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Payment Questions

How will this change affect how I currently pay my bills through bill pay with my bank?

We suggest you update any bank account used to pay your PSE statements with your 12 digit account number. Your new 12-digit account number went into effect April 1, 2013, and will appear on your next billing statement.

When you upgrade the system will it do away with the new $4.95 charge for making payments online or over the phone?

You can pay your bill online free of charge if you enroll in paperless billing through MyPSE Account or arrange for automatic payment of your PSE bill through your bank. A $4.95 convenience fee will still be applied when customers choose to pay with a credit or debit card or by electronic check. This fee pays the vendor for processing the charge-card payments.

I tried to pay my bill online, but the MyPSE Account tools were down for a system upgrade. Will my account incur a late fee or will my service be disconnected because I didn't make a payment while the online tools were down?

No, you can pay your bill online now without penalty.

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Multi-Premise Statements (Collective Billing)

Why am I receiving more than one statement for my accounts when I used to only receive one?

Customers with multiple service addresses will now receive a separate billing statement for each location or unit where PSE provides service to your account. The separate statements will help you better analyze your energy usage at each location or unit and provide you with more timely information for the period specified on each statement.

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